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We want to make life easier and more manageable.

Under one roof, we create, we print, we personalise, we fulfil, we mail, we feedback & we store.

At Penrose, we want to make life easier and more manageable; presently, there is too much going on. It is not surprising that increasing amounts of people are feeling anxious about the whole COVID-19 situation. Increased numbers are feeling the pressure of working from home, homeschooling, keeping in contact with loved ones and clients (often it can be a blurred line that divides loved ones and clients), trying to keep their business moving.

The online world can be confusing with conflicting news and un-relevant advertising zapping across your screen, increasing anxiety levels and opportunities have potentially missed connecting with you and your clients.  

There is plenty of evidence that supports the effectiveness of direct mail and the impact it has on drawing business in, and the positive impact it has on the recipient (could help with those anxiety levels, too). And, thanks to the Royal Mail’s incentive scheme, ‘Open for Business’ encourages business suffering as a result of the coronavirus to use mailings to rebuild their revenue streams, we have an excellent opportunity to re-connect with the world. 

Our proven ability to make campaigns run smoothly through our integrated design, quality-controlled print and mailing fulfilment facility is just one of the reasons our clients trust us with their 360 marketing communications. 

The Royal Mail’s incentive scheme “is a lifeline for organisations that need to communicate with the customers” said Judith Donovan, chair of the Strategic Mailing Partnership. The Royal Mail scheme allows the eligible business to be charged at the current access rate and awarded credits after the scheme ends. 

We see this a fantastic opportunity for

  • Retailers/dealer forced to close physical stores and wanting to drive online sales
  • Charity fundraising appeals
  • Publisher mailings to promote magazine subscriptions
  • Future mailings from out-of-home entertainment businesses, including cinemas, theatres and restaurants looking to rebuild revenues
  • Any mailing to support consumers’ physical or mental wellbeing
  • Any travel or leisure firm sending mail to drive business
  • Using mailing to replace a channel that is not effective during the lockdown
  • Direct mail thanking customers for their support during the crisis

For more information on how Penrose can provide a complete direct-mail plan for you, please get in touch, this an excellent opportunity to take advantage of a unique direct mailing solution, powered by the Royal Mail. 

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