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Sustainable Packaging

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Paper packaging is sustainable, practical robust, engaging and is demanded by consumers.

Card-based packaging has an excellent environmental record. Once used, card-based packaging is easy to recycle. In the UK and Europe, the collection of packaging is hugely successful, with over 80% collected for recycling. This superb recycling rate prevents an area of roughly the size of Greater London from going to landfill every four months.

Don’t just take our word for it, the results of a new European survey, reveal that paper-based packaging is favoured for being better for the environment and, as consumers become increasingly conscious of their packaging choices. Consumers attitudes towards plastic packaging are explicit, with 70% of respondents stating that they are actively taking steps to reduce their use of plastic packaging.

We are experiencing a cultural change from ‘make, use, dispose of’ to ‘ethically source, make, use, re-use, re-use again and recycle’. We know changing from plastic to paper-based packaging is the right step for the environment and for organisations to secure higher-yielding sales and profits.


Apart from the environmental positives of card-based packaging, the survey highlighted that 44% are willing to spend more on products if packaged in sustainable materials. Furthermore, nearly half (48%) would consider avoiding a retailer if they believe that the retailer is not doing enough to reduce its use of non-recyclable packaging.

In our quest to reduce the use of harmful plastics in packaging and our love for problem-solving, Penrose has developed a niche in designing and creating bespoke card-based packaging solutions, alongside the standard tuck-end cartons and base with lid options, including tailormade dummy boxes for PR events and exhibitions.


Our creative team can make a cost-effective packaging item appear high-end; it’s a careful blend of experience, design and materials produced efficiently and knowing how to do that is a skill we have developed over the years. 

Sustainable Packaging

Our flexible approach allows you to get the best from our experience and our love for sustainable packaging. You can select a full-service solution, working with our cardboard engineers, or we can pick up the process at any stage from production through to fulfilment and mailing or re-engineering your range. We would love the opportunity to talk ideas through and get creative; maybe there is a sustainable, cost-effective and better way to package your products to help increase your sales. If there is, wouldn’t you like to know?

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