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With the rise of COVID-19, everyone may be feeling there are a limited number of new business opportunities out there.  We have seen companies, including Premier League football teams, take advantage of the Government’s Job Retention Scheme, while others have slowed their business and marketing activity.  At Penrose, we think this is a time for reflection – time to take stock of where we are and to plan for a future that that will be based on a foundation of uncertainty.

This is perhaps not the easiest of times to approach prospects with new sales pitches for winning contracts, so we’ve put together some thoughts on ways to stay sane and to keep your brand alive in the meantime – to help you prepare for when everything gets back to some ‘normality’.  We all need to be ready…

So, what can your company offer today?

Maybe, it’s time to take stock and work out what your brand can offer – not only to businesses but to individuals as well? Ask yourself, “What are we good at? Who needs our help? What are their needs? When is the best time to offer our support? What impact will this have on our branding?”

At Penrose we love a good brainstorming session over Zoom – all manner of amazing (and not so amazing) ideas get thrown into the ring as a starting point to developing new strategies and support offerings for our clients. Topics we’ve discussed include customer journey improvement, revisiting vision and mission statements, new business acquisition and networking strategies, freshening up of logos and ensuring brand consistency across all channels. We’ve also revisited the key issues of sustainability and environmental responsibility – there are so many environmentally friendly materials available to us all, including pulp-free papers – every one of which can be carbon balanced at a minimal cost. Please get in touch with us about this – we can provide you with samples of these papers and give you free advice about how to minimise your environmental impact as part of promoting your sustainability policy. 

Creativity is at the heart of everything we do at Penrose; branding, design, print, variable data, mailing and fulfilment, marketing communications, exhibition and signage packages, so we are well-positioned to help with your brainstorming sessions.

It’ great to talk.

Go old school, pick up the landline and up the landline and telephone your contacts – they will appreciate it, especially if they are isolating alone.  Show you are about them as a person, not just the business they provide you with.  We think that it’s times these real relationships are built.

Use print to say ‘hello’.

There are many online greeting card providers (Moonpig and Funky Pigeon, for example) – so why not send your contacts a card?  There is plenty of neuroscience research out there linking happiness to receiving a direct, personalised piece of mail.  Alternatively, you may wish to send out a company-wide letter/greeting card/postcard reassuring your clients that they may be out of ‘sight’ at the moment, but they are most definitely still in your thoughts.   Talk to us – we can help from start to finish with the design, print and distribution of your message – and it’ll break the monotony of them receiving another bill!

These personal and genuine touchpoints will keep you at the forefront of your contacts’ minds – and if they do have some work that they need doing, or as and when they do, you’ll probably be the first to know about it.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter where we’ll be posting other ideas to help you stay sane and to stay engaged with your contacts!

If there is anything, we can do to help you, or even if you just what to hear another voice and a catch-up, we’d love to hear from you.

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