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Print Remains

Even if all else is forgotten, print remains, in a draw, in a box, or on a bookshelf. Long after the memories fade, and the times change, print lasts forever. As the uncertainty continues and businesses are feeling the effects of the COVID-19 on their order books, we wanted to share with you our love for print, and how print will help to maintain the awareness of your brand in these worrying times.

The Royal Mail’s report ‘How mail can support brands COV-19 and beyond’ states that “people agree that brands need to look after them right now” and finds that “75% said brands should inform people of what they’re doing”. This links in with a report published by Two Sides UK ‘The Facts Relating to COVID-19 Transmissions Through Paper/Cardboard Surfaces’ which highlights ‘“The plain fact is that there are no known incidents of COVID-19 transmission from print surfaces, whether that’s newspapers, magazines, letters or packaging”. You can read the Two Sides report by clicking here. Note, also that the Government sent a physical letter to every UK household, adding further credibility to the power of printed communications whilst illustrating that print is a safe and trusted medium. The online digital world is over-crowded, awash with conflicting messages, fake news and fraudulent activity. Maybe therefore, print is the only viable option to communicate with your brand champions and attract new clients?

The printed word is tangible. It stimulates our senses. Having the weight of print in your hand establishes a connection which, in turn, confers greater credibility to the content. The sensory experience begins with the feel of the paper, followed by the smell of the ink and the sound of the paper as you turn the pages. Have you ever stroked a brochure cover that has a soft touch laminate, or been curious as to the way embossing attracts you to run your fingers over the design repeatedly?

Print ‘drives digital behaviour’.

The Royal Mail reports that “the recipient feels closer to the brand,” helping to drive digital behaviour, giving your brand additional touchpoints and making [your] social media more memorable.”  

You can download the full Royal Mail Report here, How Mail Can Support Brands During COVID-19 & Beyond.

Need support creating an angel to reach your clients? 

Penrose’s team of craftspeople, experts and specialist are here to support your business in these worrying times, we know it’s not business as ‘usual’ – far from it – so maybe more ‘unusual’ business methods might be required moving forward.  This is why Penrose has created a set of communication strategies to keep your brand at the forefront of your customers, and ahead of your competition.  From personalised reminder postcards, to direct mail campaigns, to creative packaging to billboard posters – we have it all under our roof.

All the best, from all at Penrose.

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