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As businesses reopen their doors, showrooms invite customers in, and companies welcome back their staff, now, more than ever, is the time to show our support for each other. There is no better way of showing your support than offering your services and guidance in helping businesses create a demand for their products and services while helping them to keep their staff employed.

As furloughed staff return to roles that paused twenty weeks ago, (bizarrely, twenty weeks from today, Friday 7th Aug 2020, it will be Christmas Day), now is the time to welcome them back. The best way to welcome them back is to re-engage their services and products while re-building those relationships that suddenly got interrupted and to establish the foundations for new opportunities.

Over the last six-decades, Penrose has been supporting companies with their marketing assets, geared to increase demand and brand engagement. We have seen communication fads come and go, but one has lasted the test of time and has been around circa 220AD – PRINT and print continues to amaze and consume people’s attention. The world wide web is flooded with cold and impersonal content, with nuisance banner ads and pop-ups appearing the moment you start to read the content. We at Penrose know that there is a better way to communicate with your audience, and print leads the charge re-connecting and emotionally engaging recipients.

Print and digital communications both have their strength. Still, when it comes to comprehension, engagement and recall, studies consistently show that information communicated in print is more deeply embedded, recalled with more detail, and creates a more powerful emotional engagement than digital. Some of these studies can be found on the Two Sides UK website.

At Penrose, we continue to support some of the leading brands with their printed marketing assets, including, Ben Sherman, British Gas. CISCO, and Yamaha Motor Co UK.  Supplying them with sales brochures, information packs, newsletters, packaging, POS, confidential transactional print, engaging and tactile direct-mail campaigns (including personalisation, fulfilment and all related mailing processes -in-house).

Our continual investment strategy has helped our client’s make a more profound impact on their physical direct-mail campaigns. Our last blog First Impressions are Lasting Impressions’ looked at how printed envelopes can be used to attract the recipient’s attention.  Hence, why we have invested on an envelope printer that will print full colour with full bleed (dependent on size), up to 10mm thick, including jiffy bags, and paper bags. We can take a budget envelope, sprinkle it with creativity and transform it into a high-end product, adding to the desire for it to be opened. More on how our investment strategy is geared to help our clients innovate and further enhance their printed communication will follow in the coming weeks.

Below: Envelopes, we have created demonstrating our envelope printing capabilities, and some of projects we have worked on.

Selecting our bank of creative, print and mailing services is an easy and cost-effective way to create demand for any product or services and to increase brand awareness.  Royal Mail’s MarketReach has created an eBook, Physically Irresistible, showcasing a collection of the most inspirational direct mail from around the world, so you can see how some of the leading brands are using printed mail to create deeper and more emotional connections with their customers. You can view it here.

If there was a better way to communicate, support and engage your audience to drive positivity, increase brand awareness and connect on a deeper level with your audience, wouldn’t you like to know? For, one, I would.

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