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Nimbus Marketing on Demand

Marketing on demand

Penrose Group - Nimbus Marketing on Demand


Our unique cloud-based platform allows you to access and control both your marketing communications and inventory management process from any device, anytime, anywhere.

nimbus is two things. As a fully customisable marketing support tool, it enables you to manage and protect brand assets, and to drive your marketing message across multiple channels including printed collateral, large format, merchandising, POS, email content, websites and social media. 

As a document editing and inventory management tool, nimbus will help you maintain brand guidelines and integrity, centralise buying, reduce spending and view complete stock level information in real-time.



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Cloud-based tools for:

Nimbus Marketing on Demand

No software required and rapidly deployed. Integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, SAP Ariba and all major CRM/ERP platforms if needed. 

A powerful, scalable solution for your employees, partners and sales channels – locally, regionally or globally. 

Anytime. Anywhere.

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Please don’t take our word for it, one of our financial services client, using Nimbus, commented.

“We have found quite a few solutions with Penrose. One of the main issues we had across our business was the amount of storage we needed in the office for all the collateral we needed to hold, not to mention how to supply effectively to each location. Penrose’s Nimbus system took care of this quickly and seamlessly. We now have effective management of our business stationery and marketing materials across the organisation with just the click of a mouse. We have full visibility of stock and have regular reports on stock levels and call off activity.

Penrose’s help didn’t stop there. We send out quarterly financial packs to our clients. Previously we handled this internally. This was a massive headache for us, and we had to stop the entire office from getting all these statements produced and inserted ahead of the deadline. Penrose is fully capable of producing and mailing these for us saving us both time and money. They have a variety of security and quality checks to ensure we communicate with our customers in a reliable and time-efficient manner”.

Our experience and knowledge continues to support many leading brands and companies, including:

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