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“First impressions are lasting impressions”

Your envelope is the first thing your customer sees of your direct mail piece.

All the hard work that goes into creating your direct mail piece, copywriting, design, selecting the right material to carry your message, managing your database, should not be devalued by not giving the envelope equal thought.

There is some truth in the famous adage ‘first impressions are lasting impressions’. So why not make a statement with your direct mail, by housing it in a protective, tactile and colourful envelope that grabs the attention of the recipient from the moment it lands on their mat?

Envelope Print Company

Penrose’s in-house printing envelope facility offers you multiple opportunities to grab the recipient’s attention. From designing and printing four colour images with a full bleed on stock envelopes to creating bespoke envelopes, Penrose has the experience and knowledge to help your mail grab the recipients attention.

Opposite: A Penrose printed envelope delivered with the daily subdued post. Which envelope will grab your attention first?

Our envelope printing facility offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive envelope specifications available for printing with exceptional colour reproduction, from standard size envelopes to board back envelopes including jiffy bags (up to 10mm thick) including paper bags. One of our clients commented “Thanks for designing and printing our colourful envelope, we’re getting great comments from clients saying how easy it to spot our catalogue in the office!”

Below: Envelopes, we have created demonstrating our envelope printing capabilities.  Our creative team can make low-end budget envelope appear high-end; it’s a careful blend of experience and creativity, and knowing how to do that is a skill we have developed over the years.

As we come out of lock-down, more opportunities for businesses are emerging, and marketers need to seize them. Direct mail is perfect for doing that as it can build more personal connections with the people who value your brand.

Mail is highly targeted and has a format which enables a more extended narrative, perfect for sparking conversations. People like receiving, sharing and discussing it. And it is measurable – so you can track and optimise your campaigns.

Royal Mail MarketReach has created an eBook, Physically Irresistible, showcasing a collection of the most inspirational direct mail from around the world, so you can see how some of the leading brands are using mail to create deeper and more emotional connections with their customers. You can view it here.

Please take advantage of our complete mailing and fulfilment facility too.  Once we have printed your envelope, allow us to personalise and mail out your direct mail/catalogue, all under our roof.  Our blog from last month (you can read it here) outlines the benefits of direct mail and the incentives that the Royal Mail are providing to help organisations reach their customers with direct mail.

Don’t let your envelope be an after-thought or worse devalue the contents after all the envelope is the first thing your customer sees. One final note, a paper envelope is more straightforward to recycle than plastic.

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