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Secure Storage and Distribution

5 Tips on How To Store Your Goods For Distribution

Storage Tips for Distributing If you’ve been thinking about putting your goods on the market but are unsure how to keep them ready for distribution, then this blog post is
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Large Format Print - Roller Banners

5 Ways to Make The Most Of Your Advertising

Top Tips On Making Your Marketing More Memorable Your advertising material isn’t just a leaflet telling your clients what it is you offer, it can also be one of the
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Creating sustainable printed packaging

Paper-based packaging is the natural choice.

Paper-based packaging is the natural choice where its key raw material, trees, are a natural and renewable resource. The print and paper advocacy group, Two Sides have released a new packaging information brochure, The Natural Choice, with updated facts on paper-based packaging. We’ve shared the key points in this blog post.
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Sustainable print messaging

Greenwashing: Are you using a misleading statement on your email footer?

It is common to see email footers with negative and sometimes misleading statements on the environmental impacts of print and paper. Messages such as, ‘Think before you print’, or ’Do you really need to print this email it will harm the environment’, ignore the unique, sustainable properties of paper.
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Charity cycle ride for MS-UK and Dramatize.

Charity Cycle Ride to help Dramatize and MS-UK.

Supporting our local community has been an essential part of the Penrose Group culture. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has proven that helping the wider community has equal importance. So, this year, the Penrose Group have partnered with a local charity, Dramatize and the national charity, MS-UK, to help them fund the fantastic work they do. Dramatize.
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‘Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time’. Henry Ford

Tightening budgets means we face the difficult challenge of identifying the most effective marketing channels for our products and services. Ofcom data shows that UK adults were spending about a quarter of their day online under lockdown, so it's easier to understand why, initially, companies shifted their marketing spend towards digital channels. However, research shows that these digital campaigns become increasingly ineffective without long-term brand building underpinning them. In this blog, we explore the critical role direct mail plays to help to build better brands and elevate digital channels successfully.
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